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Ornamental Plastering

Ornamental & Decorative Plastering

Ornamental plaster can include decorative cornice and crown moldings, medallions, flat band work, and highly decorative designs. Aside from its undeniable aesthetic beauty, ornamental and decorative plaster is a solution homeowners and contractors turn to when searching for a way to add a unique feature to their home or commercial building.

We do new work as well as repair and match damaged existing ornamental plaster. We will work with your architect or interior designer to help you express your creativity with unique plaster designs.

Before Ladd Plastering, LLC.
After Ladd Plastering, LLC.


Why would you use plaster moldings rather than decorative wood trim?

Plaster is more structurally stable than wood. It does not shrink like wood. You can achieve a much greater scope of detail along with the ability to more cost effectively reproduce larger quantities of intricate moldings.

Can you match and repair a damaged design?

Yes, we can make molds to match existing decorative and ornamental plaster. We then use those molds to make our repairs. We also work with several affiliates to create new or recreate existing patterns or designs.

Where can a homeowner incorporate ornamental and decorative plaster?

Medallions can be placed around light fixtures or added to enhance a large plain ceiling. Crown moldings can add a distinctive touch to a room. There are a wide variety of designs that can be placed on ceilings. Columns with capitals and pedestals can also add a decorative touch to a room. Radius coves, groin vaulted ceilings, dome ceilings, and barrel vaulted ceilings are other ornamental options that Ladd Plastering has experience installing.

From Our Clients:

Over the past 30 years Restore ‘N More, Inc., has earned the respect and recognition of the historic restoration community and, most importantly, our clients. That success is due in large part to our trade partners on each project. There is no other company that we look forward to having on our projects than Ladd Plastering. The craftsmen are highly skilled, always on time and on budget, and can be counted on to do whatever it takes to get the project completed when promised. The care, concern, and skill level Ladd Plastering brings to each project is unsurpassed. Thank you for all the great projects you’ve performed for us to date.

Gary M. Baer, Founder, Restore 'N More, Inc.

Thanks for all your efforts and input into the design of the project. The workmanship is really excellent and your attention to detail impressive. I am confident we not only have an attractive wall, but one that will be dry for years. I appreciate you working so well with the contractor … it made life so much easier for the homeowner. Finally, my thanks to your guys who really represent you well.

K. L.