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Exterior Stucco

Exterior Stucco

Ladd Plastering has years of experience in the stucco field from simple chimneys and foundations to entire houses to full scale stucco remediation, which would involve working with a builder or general contractor. Stucco is an affordable choice when looking for a durable, low-maintenance exterior finish. Customers can choose between traditional cement or acrylic finishes with a wide variety of colors and textures to achieve the look they want.

Stucco can vary from two and three coat systems over CMU or poured concrete to full metal lath and three coat systems over frame construction which must also utilize a drainage mat system. Direct-applied acrylic systems over gypsum or cement-based sheathings for exterior ceilings and soffits are additional options.

Exterior Stucco
Exterior Stucco


Will my stucco crack?

Stucco over wood frame construction will crack. These cracks can vary in intensity and are a result of the natural stresses of the building being applied to a very hard and rigid siding material and are not necessarily a result of inferior installation practices. These cracks are aesthetic only in nature and do not typically diminish the structural integrity of the stucco system. We take many measures to reduce these cracks as much as possible, such as fiber reinforcement and acrylic admixtures in the base coats and the use of expansion joints, but will not guarantee against cracking. Acrylic finish coats such as STO or Dryvit will help to minimize cracking in place of traditional cement based finishes.

Can you match my existing stucco color and finish?

We will do our best to match colors and textures. However, colored cement finishes have a tendency to be mottled or varied in final color depending on weather conditions and suction of the base coat. The darker the color, the more this condition will be present, especially on floated sand finishes. We will make samples, however, depending upon the above mentioned job site conditions and batch variations, final colors and textures can sometimes vary significantly from the approved sample. If a uniform monolithic color is required or expected, then acrylic finishes such as STO or Dryvit should be used, or painting the cement finish should be considered.

From Our Clients:

My wife and I would like to sincerely thank you for the wonderful job your team did. I jokingly asked for you to make it look new, but the team made it look better than the day our house was built. Please pass along our thank you to the team for a job well done – excellently done. I will certainly refer your company to anyone in need of the services you provide.


Thank you for a great job. We are pleased with how it looks!

R. and C. Gehman